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About IIA Program

Investment Internship Academy (IIA) is career exploration program dedicated to nurturing the next generation of finance professionals. Emphasizing academic excellence and holistic growth, participants are prepared to meet the challenges of the finance sector.

IIA Program Introduction

The investment internship academy program consists of two modules: (a) professional training and (b) practical project opportunity 


Module 1: Professional Training:

The professional training curriculum, designed by seasoned industry experts, helps program participant to acquire a deep understanding of investment principles, financial modeling, and risk analysis. Immersive learning experiences prepare participants for successful careers in investment banking, venture capital, and investment management. Training topics include:

  • Financial Modeling

  • Financial Forecasting

  • Excel Modeling

  • Valuation

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis


Module 2: Practical Project:

On top of training, participants have the opportunity to work on real-world practical projects with esteemed finance firms through our strategic partnerships. Versailles Group, Plug and Play Tech Center, Charles Schwab, and StartX offer real-world settings to apply acquired knowledge learned from student’s career and academic training. These experiences serve as invaluable stepping stones towards building practical expertise and forming connections within the industry.

Below are the four companies offering internship opportunities as an IIA participant:  

Comprehensive Investment Training

Thoughtfully crafted training covers essential aspects of investment analysis, financial modeling, and risk management. Engaging courses foster a deep understanding of key concepts.

Opportunity for Presentation

Elevate your accomplishments by presenting your research and discoveries to prominent industry leaders.



Accomplished industry professionals serve as mentors, offering valuable insights and personalized advice to help participants chart their career paths.
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